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Privacy Policy
Last modified November 18, 2016

This is the Ahead.IO (Company, we, our) privacy policy and it applies to the information that we collect, store, use and disclose concerning users (you, your) of our services.

Terms of use

The services that we provide are pursuant to separate terms of use posted in the portal where the services are provided.  Please read those terms, as they also apply you if you use those services of ours.

Third Parties

Our services are linked to third party services. Third parties are responsible for their own privacy practices. Please read the privacy policies, supplemental notices, and settings of all websites or platforms that you visit so you can understand their privacy practices and your options.


All of the content that you upload to our cloud service is subject to encryption.  This means that if you lose your access codes, we cannot retrieve it for you.  Even our admin users are prevented from accessing your content in our cloud service, other than your account and payment information necessary to grant you access to the our services.  Please guard your access codes carefully as we cannot recover your data if you lose them.  This is a benefit for the security of your data, but that benefit comes with the added risk and responsibility you have to keep your access codes private and also not lose them.

What information we collect?

Here are the types of information we collect on you:

  • User sign-ups and login information and contact with us
  • Service purchases
  • Service activations and connections to our servers
  • Services available on a consumption basis
  • All data and information entered into applications, whether by you or your users or third parties that you grant editing privileges to
  • websites and servers, your use of browsers
  • our advertising
  • “Do not track” tools
  • Social networking pages, apps and widgets
  • Matching third party data

We will collect information that identifies you when you create a user profile, make a purchase, edit a user profile or contact us for support.

Matching third party data is data about you that we find from third party public sources.  From time to time we may obtain this third party data and include it in our profile of you in our service.

Cloud Services

Most of our services are cloud-based.  You’ll have to login to them to use them.  We will monitor the general access and use of our applications and cloud services; for example, in order to:

  • Grant you access to the features you have purchased
  • Authenticate your right to use the features of our services
  • Provide content that is most useful to you and your use of our services
  • Provide access to third party content that is in our cloud service where the appropriate consents have been provided by the third party
  • Improve our services
  • Collect aggregated data on our services
  • Improve the security of our systems and security.
Browsing to us

When you browse to our sites, we will collect some or all of the following:

  • browser used
  • language selection
  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • your system-type
  • the site that led you to us
  • the time and date of your visit
  • search terms used to find us
  • pages visited during your session on our site

We will use the above information for detecting, preventing, and responding to fraud, intellectual property infringement, violations of our Terms of Use, violations of the law, or other misuse of our services.


We advertise our own and also third party services on our sites.  We collect data on your engagement with that advertising in order to obtain compensation form third parties whose services you might use as a result of the advertisements posted on our site.

If you click on a third party advertisement, you might leave our site in which case you should review the privacy policy and terms of use of the third party hosting the site where you end up.

Information Sharing

Our services will give you the ability to control third party access to your content.  Please decide carefully who can access what content of yours and what rights they can have in that content.  For example, if you give a third party the right to edit or delete your content hosted in our cloud service, and that third party deletes your content, we will not be able to retrieve it.

If you use our Service to store, share or transfer non-public personal information, you are obligated to obtain the necessary consents from the individuals concerned and ensure that you do not grant access to unauthorized persons.

We do not monitor or edit your content and you are solely responsible for the content you put into our services and any intellectual property rights associated with that content any any harm that it may cause to us or to third parties.

Location of data

Our servers are in the United States.  The data that you upload to our services shall be stored in servers located in the United States or the Federal Republic of Germany.  Certain administrative and payment related activity concerning our services may take place in Hong Kong or Canada.

Retention Policy

We will keep personal information about you only as long as we need it to provide our services to you and to comply with all applicable laws.

Personal Information Use

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide our services
  • to authenticate you
  • customer support
  • administer our services and your accounts
  • service-related correspondence
  • newsletters
  • surveys
  • new applications
  • special offers or promotions
Third Party Integrations

Our services are compatible with certain third party services.  In some instances these integrations will allow for the transfer, addition, removal, editing, deletion or modification of your data or that of third parties.  You are cautioned to comply with all third party terms of use (as well as ours) when using our services in conjunction with those of a third party.

In order to support our third party integrations, we will supply some elements of your account information to them in order to fulfill your requests in that regard.


We use a variety of methods to improve the security of our systems.  Our personnel access to your personal information is restricted to those employees and contractors of Company who need to know such data to perform their function. However, despite our efforts we cannot completely ensure or warrant the security of your personal information.

Cookie Policy

We collect cookies which are snippets of information about your activity on our sites and incude:

  • your browser
  • your language
  • the site that sent you to us
  • your Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • where you click
  • pages you view
  • the date and time of your visit

We will use cookies to make it easier to login to our site, to make your preferences available on your subsequent visits.  We will also use cooked to adjust our marketing to you of our products and those of third parties on our sites.


If you have any questions concerning this privacy policy or our services, please contact us at the contact information provided on the site.

Governing Law

This policy is to be governed pursuant to the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising hereunder.